Miniature Gaming
or Messing about with Toy Soldiers

Having re-kindled my interested in miniature modeling and gaming a couple of years ago, I have become interested in the miniature part of the miniature market; 10mm.

In the somewhat weird world of scales and sizes 10mm is nominally the height of a figure. Other scales that are broadly equivalent are 12mm, 1:144 and N-gauge.

New Stuff

French 1940 battlegroup - in progress

Starts of British 1940 and German 1940 battlegroups (quite small at this stage!)

British Para Brigade Group -- finally finished! some overview photos, detail photos to follow

British Armour, photos of document the progress of various units

British Infantry and Motor Bttn photos

Photo Setup, showing homemade light tent

Arnhem Bridge Project, updated the page with latest photos of houses

British Desert Miniatures, tanks for 1940, 1941 and 1942

British Motor Battalion TO&E, at 1:platoon scale

Pendraken Photos photos to illustrate as much of the Pendraken 10mm range as I own

British Support, Heavy Cruisers and Typhoons

German Recon for Arnhem

German Flammpanzers

Warmaster Empire as Landsknechts

Warmaster Fantasy

The Warmaster fantasy range initially piqued my interest. A key element of Warmaster is in command and control -- it is unlikely that all your units will do what you want them to do each turn -- i.e. it attempts to recreate the friction of battles.

I have started collecting armies for High Elves, Orcs and Empire. eBay is the place to buy figures even though they are still available from Games Workshop mail order. eBay prices are typically 50% of GW retail.

The Empire army is still in blisters, but quite a large amount of Elves and Orcs are painted.

BlitzKrieg Commander World War II

BlitzKrieg Commander (BKC) is a set of rules based on Warmaster, though heavily altered to reflect the combined arms tactics of WWII warfare. The standard scale of BKC is 1 stand = 1 platoon.

WWII gaming and modeling were my first intrests as a child (and a teenager) and now with 10mm models and ready access on the internet to detailed info it is possible to create large accurate formations without breaking the bank.