British Support the RAF and Royal Navy

Rule Britannia!

Two Belfast class cruisers, to give some Naval support. These are 1/6000 Hallmark ships from Magister Millitum. This size of ship fits nicely on a 40mm base (typically artillery size for BKC). The "sea" started with a layer of white glue, which I tried to add some texture after it had dried for a while, but this mainly disappeared. Then layers of bluey/greeny/gery to give some sea colour, finished with a layer of Klear to give some shine, and white for wakes.

The ships were very simple to paint, black undercoat, then a heavy drybrush of grey (probably GW Ghoul Grey, then GW Elf Grey).

All in all a quick and and cheap addition to my British forces.


Achtung Jabo! Minifigs metal rocket armed Typhoon bearing down on Pz IVs.

Based using a steel rod that was originally a spear from some 28mm cavalry. The base and stand that came from with plane was very large and chunky. The invasion stripes were a pain to paint, as paint kept leaking under masking tape. It now just needs some roundal decals adding.