Warmaster Empire Army

This army has taken a long time to come to the table - but I now have a good 2250pts of Warmaster troops painted (and have a fair few proxies to field if necessary). In total I have some 5000pts of figures.

October 21012 update: After a major painting focus over the summer, I am now up to 3900pts painted, out of a total of 6500. To get to 4k I need to paint 2 more Halberdier and 2 more Crossbow units.

I have gone for a Landskneckts style force rather than the Warhammer state troops style. To make this approach practicable each unit is painted in 2 or 3 colours, with different limbs and halves of the body often if different colours.

The Empire Knights, Crossbows, Handgunners and Commanders provide the core of my
Dogs of War army. An older version of this page is here.


The Army

Empire Army Overview
Overhead shot, with Knights at the back, Pistoleers just in front, Handgunners, Crossbows and Halberdiers in the middle. Cannon in the front middle.

From the left, with steam tank and gfifon to the fore.

Another view from the left showing the blue & purple crossbows and handgunners.

A sunny low level view from the left.

View from the right, with War Altar in front, and the red and blue forces in the middle ground.



The Empire general, his Heroes and Wizards.

Warmaster Empire Commander and Wizards

Hero on Griffon, General, Commander and wizard, with Hand Gunners behind.

Priest of Sigmar on War Wagon - probably the most model for 15pts ever!


GW Warmaster Knights Panther in front, and normal Knights behind.


Two units of knights in a Tudor inspired colour scheme.

Two units of Knights Panther

Close up of Red and Blue Knights

The Red and Blue Knights from another angle.

Red and White Knights, along with Pistoliers

Knights are the key attacking unit of the Empire army - and the figures are big, much bigger than most other WM cavalry and generally a lot bigger than other manufacturers cavalry.



Two units of Pistoliers. The front unit is mounted on 20x20 magnatised bases so they can be long based for different rules. Although the figures are cast on strips the horses are not joined together so it is possible to cut them apart fairly easily.

Red Pistoliers

Second unit of Red Pistoliers, this time on black horses.


Flagellants to the left, Halberdiers to the right and skirmishers in front. As the Halberdiers are a required unit, I need to add several more to the army.

Blue Halberdiers


Close up view of 3 of the skirmisher stands.



Four units of crossbows - slightly customised with the addition of flags.

Red Crossbows.


Two units of hand gunners, customised with the addition of flags. These are nice figures, but rarely get used as the list calls for two units of crossbows per 1000 pts, so hand gunners on top of this is usually a bit much.



The core of the fabled Empire gun line. Hellblasters in the middle Great Cannon on the flanks. The Great Cannon have considerable reach and are deadly, so can be used to deny large areas of the board to the enemy. Hellblasters are unpredictable at best!

Red Cannon

Purple Mortars - these are a variation model from GW, in game terms they are treated as Cannon.



Steam Tank

Steam Tank with Pendraken knights and a stand of Halberdiers.


Empire as Landsknechts

I felt the urge to paint my empire forces in an historical style. After asking on TMP and this (in May 2007!) it seems that Landskneckts are the historical unit that matches these fantasy troops (steam tanks and hippogriff's excepted).

The good news about Landsknechts is that they are colourful, the bad news is they are very colourful. Each individual tended to wear a riot of colours, with slashings in arms and legs to show under colours.

In Warmaster it is important to be able to identify which three stands comprise a unit - also this is 10mm were some sort of batch painting is required. I decided to go for 3 colours to a unit, to give colour but to give a degree of coherence. I have gone with white feathers, sashes shields and flags as this seems to be a common identifier.

For painting I have gone with a white base coat (for these figures applied with a brush) then a wash of GW Flesh Ink, with a light dry brush of white over the top. Any armour painted black, dry brushed Vallejo Oily Steel (probably a little dark), given a later highlight of GW Mithral Silver. Then the clothing colours painted in, one colour at a time doing different parts of each figure. Most wood left with the flesh wash.

Green, Yellow and Red Landsknechts

First unit of Halberdiers, green, dark red and yellow (Paints GW Goblin Green, Scab Red and Sunburst Yellow)

Second unit of halberdiers, red, blue and white (Paints GW Blood Red, Enchanted Blue and Vallejo White).

The above unit at approximately actual size (the base is 40mm wide, the figures 11mm tall)

Some rather extreme close ups

Showing far more detail than can be seen when normally viewing the figures


Empire handgunner to pikeman

Adding 1 brass rod pike to 1 figure, didn't take too long -- not sure I want to do if for a whole unit -- especially ones cast in strips.

Empire as Landsknechts - tests