Churchill Tank Squadron

The British persisted with the Cruiser / Infantry Tank split for the whole war. The final step in the WWII Infantry tank evolution was the Churchill VII, with 6 inches of frontal armour and a 75mm gun. The Churchill VII was quite unusual as a gun tank, most VIIs were converted to Crocodile flamethrowers.

This is a generic Churchill squadron, from one of the independent tank brigades. The ones in NWE were:

Of which the Guards were in action from D-Day to VE Day.

Pendraken 10mm Churchill Tanks

Pendraken 10mm Churchill Tanks

Pendraken Churchill VIIs mainly with 75mm guns, front left is a 95mm CS variant

Base coat of black spray, then heavy dry brush of Russian Uniform Green, highlight of Russian Uniform mixed 50:50 with Pale Sand.



FOW Churchill Units NWE

FOW Churchill Versions