British Armoured Regt No2

Having already put together 3 RTR as part of 11th AD, I have now put together the best part of another regt, though this is a bit of a mixed bag. I will probably add markings to these to represent 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, the junior armoured Regt in the Division.

These are all Pendraken models, and mostly at the WIP stage, most have a base coat and highlights, but need decals and weathering.

Overview of the Regiment in Squadron columns.

A Squadron, Pendraken Shermans, including bulldozer, cammo'ed mk V, 2 x 105mm (masquerading as 75mm gun tanks) it seems likely that Sherman 105s weren't used by the British in NWE, and a Firefly. Some of these have red 52s already added, they will need changing to red 53s.


B Squadron, mainly Pendraken cammo'ed Sherman Vs

C Squadron, more interlopers this time in the form of DD tanks -- I have cheated a bit here as 11th AD didn't have any DD tanks. But I had rather a lot of normal shermans by the time I got these. Firefly's couldn't be converted to DD tanks as the gun was too long.

HQ Squadron, 2 Crusader AA at back, 3 M3 Stuarts in the middle, at front Sherman ARV and Regt HQ, with Sherman V, Humber 4x4 and figures from the Pendraken High Command pack.

Close up of the Regt HQ stand.