9th SS Panzer Aufklarer Abteilung (Recon Battalion)


Whole force, excluding the command stand. From back to front:

Minifigs Armoured Cars - Pumas behind (see below) SdKfz 222 20mm at left, SdKfz 232 20mm at right front.

Minifigs SdKfz 234/4 Puma 50mm

Pithead SdKfz 251s -- left SdKfz 251/1, centre 251/6 (radio), right 251/9 75mm L/24(Stummel)

HQ Stand, all Pendraken, comprising captured British Humber Amoured Car, Dispatch Rider and DAK Command group painted in SS Pea Dot. This base is to represent Major Grabnear at the time of OMG.

Pithead SdKfz 251/1

Pithead SdKfz 251/1 ausf D

Pithead SdKfz 251/1

Pithead 251/1 showing view of passengers, with an attempt at pea dot camo in 10mm!

Pithead SdKfz 251/6



Early WIP Shots

Various camo paint schemes on Pithead 12mm SdKfz 251/1 Ausf Ds. All vehicles are Work In Progress, and need tidying and weathering.

A - First attempt at 3 tone camo, very close stripes

B- Vertical stripes with wider spacing

C - Random stripes v1

D - Random Stripes, more yellow showing.