British 11th Armoured Division (11th AD WWII)

11th Armoured Division Divisional Badge the Black Bull

Units from June 44 to May 45

From D-Day until Jan/Feb '45 29th Armoured Brigade of 11th AD was equiped with Shermans, from Jan they were re-equipped with new Comets though these were only used in quanity from March 45 onwards.


·  I Corps in August 1944 then
·  VIII Corps  from September 1944

Nice site with potted history of 11th AD

11th AD for Spearhead

FOW 21st Army Group Tank Numbers by Division


In June 11th AD had 157 75mm shermans and 36 17pdr (1 in 5)

In December 139 75mm and 74 17pdr (more than 1 in 3) (and no Crusader AA by this time)

These figures give no Challengers in December -- but photos of OMG show 11th AD Challengers