British Anti-Tank Regiment

Anti-tank regiments varied considerable both between infantry and armoured divisions, and even between divisions of the same type.

The basic ATG regiment consisted of 4 batteries, each of 3 troops of 4 guns. In BKC terms this would be 12 guns.

An armoured division tended to have 2 towed batteries of 17pdrs and 2 self-propelled batteries with either M10 3in SP or M10 17pdr (Achilles). In the 11th AD the AT Regt was 75th Anti-Tank Regt (Armoured) with a 77 red/blue serial. So far I have found no information on the exact equipment of the 75th AT Regt. Currently I am going for 2 batteries of towed 17pdrs and 2 batteries of mixed M10 and M10c.

Infantry divisions had 6pdrs, 17pdrs and sometimes M10 3in SP, or Archer 17pdrs. The M10s were issued to D-Day assault divisions (as they were fully tracked) and stayed with the divisions for some time after.

75th Anti-Tank Regt (Armoured)

A Battery

Pendraken M10s and M10c (achilles). The crew figures have been added from spare pithead carrier crews.

B Battery

Pithead M10c, M10c and M10. the M10 has a lot of "mud" added from a Tamiyia weathering stick, this works well - the only problem is it is a bit awkward to use on models this small, as the "pen" is quite chunky.

Close up of Pithead M10c, a very nicely detailed model, with separate tracks giving good depth to the road wheels, a separate gun barrel. The crew come molded as part of the turret.

Side view of M10 showing the "mud" from the Tamiyia Weathering stick - it has a nice thickness to it, making it look more like thick mud than brown paint would. In this scale it is probably best to use a mix of paint and the wreathering stick to represent different thickness of mud.

C Battery

Pithead 17pdrs - the 17pdr was a very potent gun, with a fairly low profile, though it was rather heavy for man-handling into position. In need of a third gun, that is bought, but needs painting. They also need some towing vehicles, I think M3 half-tracks were the usual tow in the armoured divisions.

Front view of the above Pithed 17pdrs

The 17pdrs could be towed by 15cwt trucks, M3 Half-tracks, and in the Corps AT Regts by turretless Crusader tanks.

D Battery

Still to be painted...


Other AT Guns


Pithead 17pdr Archer, an SP conversion on a Valentine tank chassis, the model comes with crew, who I need to find! The gun actually points backwards over the engine. The driver needed to get out of the driving position before firing, otherwise he would be killed by the gun's recoil. Archers were used to equip a battery of infantry divisions AT Regts from late 44.

Pithead 6pdr ATGs either for use in an Infantry divisions AT Regt, or probably will be used to equip the 3rd and 4th Infantry Battalions of my 11th AD.

Shopping List

To represent the 75th AT Regt of 11th AD the following would be needed

A - 17pdr towed
B - 17pdr towed
C - M10 and M10c (Pendraken)
2 M10
1 M10c
D - M10 and M10c
1 M10
2 M10c


Comparison photos of Pithead and Pendraken M10c Achilles

Pendraken M10c on left, Pithead on the right

Height wise the Pithead one is huge in comparison to the Pendraken one

Length wise they are similar, but the extra height of the Pithead model on the right is clear again.