British Armoured Car Regiment TO&E (WWII)

The British Armoured Car Regiment was initially intended as a Corps level unit, but by mid 1944 they were pretty permanantly attached to the Armoured Divisions. There was a different organisation for the Recce Regts attached to Infantry Divisions.

This is a TOE at 1 model to 4 real vehicles scale based on the excellent info at bayonentstrength. Due to the mixed A/C and scout car platoons (and other 2 vehicle units) I have made a decision to amalgamate the 4 squadrons into 2 squadrons, which allows each combined squadron to have the same mix of vehciles as a real world one.

The serial number for these regiments was 44 on green over blue, with a white bar at the top

Initially the unit marking would have been the corps badge. I am unsure if these were replaced by the Armoured Division badges, when they were more permanatly attached to these formations.

Armoured Car Regiment TOE (at 1:4 vehicle scale)

Armoured Car - normally Daimler but could be Humber. Staghounds used in HQs.

Scout Car - normally Daimler Dingo


Regt HQ
Staghound A/C
AA Staghound
3 x Humber Scout Car (Intercommunication)
Sabre Squadrons
2 x HQ (Staghound A/C)
2 x AEC 75mm
2 x M3 Half-track
2 x Infantry Platoon
10 x Daimler A/C
10 x Daimler Scout Car

Inns of Court

The Armoured Car Regt attached to the 11th Armoured Division was the Inns of Court, known as the "Devils Own" as they traditionally recurited from the Lawyers of the Inns of Court in London.


The main armoured vehicles used by the Regiment during the Second World War were the Daimler Scout Car ("Dingo") and the Daimler Armoured Car. Sabre Squadrons used both the Scout and Armoured Cars. Scout Cars formed the equipment of the Light Troops, and were also deployed for liaison throughout the Regiment. The Humber Scout Car was additionally used in a limited role for liaison. Heavy Troops also used the AEC 'Heavy' Armoured Car known as the 'Matador'. from has a transcription of various WE tables giving armoured car numbers at various points through the campain in NWE.

Inns of Court  June 44

1:4 Qty
Daimler I 2pdr
Staghound 37mm
3 or 4
Anti Aircraft A/C
Daimler Scout
Humber Scout

The 37mm Staghounds given above are different from the "expected" TOE list, I think these were probably HQ vehicles. The Staghound was favoured for this role due to its larger size.

·  I Corps in August 1944 then
·  VIII Corps  from September 1944