WWII British Infantry Battalion TO&E (or TOE)

Below is a 1:1 schematic image of a WWII British Infantry battalion TO&E (Table of Organisation and Equipment, TOE). The same organisation was used for the infantry battalions of the infantry brigades of both Infantry and Armoured divisions.

An Infantry division had 9 infantry battalions, in 3 brigades, see here for divisional TO&E . An armoured division had a single infantry brigade (of 3 battalions) and also a motor battalion which was organised differently.

The Divisional Assets, on the right had side, are proportional assets from a full infantry division that could be attached to a battalion. Of course the actual usage of divisional assets would depend on the requirements of the different battalions as decided by the divisional commander.

I have also put together a platoon level schematic of a British Infantry Brigade Group this was an operational grouping of an infantry brigade, divisional assets and sometimes an attached tank regiment.

The schematic is large, so may require some scrolling to see it all. It is based on the excellent info at bayonetstrength.150m.com

WWII British Infantry Battalion TO&E diagram


Universal Carriers (25)

Loyd Carriers A/T Pltn (12)

15 cwt Trucks (20)

Jeeps (7)