British 7th Armoured Division (7th AD WWII)

The 7th Armoured Division is the famous Desert Rats of the 8th Army. This is their organsiation for the North West European campagin from D-Day in June 1944 through to the end of the war.


Units from June 44 to May 45

FOW 21st Army Group Tank Numbers by Division

The Armoured Regiments of the 7th AD used Cromwells as their main tank, but had Sherman Fireflys to give added firepower.

In June 7th AD had 36 17pdr Shermans (1 in 5 in 22nd Brigade)

In December they had 67 17pdr Shermans (about 1 in 3 in 22nd AB) and still had 5 Crusader AA by this time