Hail Caesar meets Warmaster

These are notes and army lists to allow Warmaster armies to be used with the Hail Caesar rules.


The core HC rules seem to work well for Fantasy battles with no alterations, additions are required for Magic, Flyers and monstrous effects, but these fit within the core framework of the rules.


House Rules

Ranges - use the full 28mm distances, i.e. 6" move for infantry, 18" range for archery


Unit Size - generally 2 Warmaster units make 1 HC unit with a frontage of 120mm - see full details here


Break Tests - non-shaken units roll 3 dice for break tests, discarding the lowest. This is done before and modifiers are applied. eg results of the dice are 4, 5, 2, this gives a total of 9 after discarding the lowest, then any modifiers for loosing would be applied. Once a unit is shaken it only rolls 2 dice for its break test, retaining both. Note, this was introduced to make break tests less random, it also makes units more resilient.


Fantasy Special Rules

Various stats and "Useful Rules" for Fantasy creatures - pdf document

Army Lists


High Elves